Mavic Transprovence

West Coast Biking does not cover everything and once in a while we escape to hotter climates with dustier trails, but don’t get me wrong the cycling on the west coast of Scotland can be dusty! So I headed to the Maritime alps to work as the race sweeper for the Mavic Transprovence race 2016.

This is how the race is described by Ash Smith the race organiser:
“Trans-Provence is a manifestation of what we believe mountain biking is all about; a melting pot of our sport’s finest ingredient elements.

In physical terms this means a week-long itinerary of true mountain wilderness, a huge and varied catalogue of awesome gravity-fuelled singletrack from the High Alps to the Mediterranean Sea. It exists since 2009 as a rally-style race which many past participants will tell you is more about the adventure than the time on the clock.”

The race starts in Embrun and finishes in Menton on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, here are the stats:

Distance: 271km

Height Gain (all pedalling/pushing/carrying!): 9177m

Total Descending: 18003m

No. of Special Stages: 24

I completed the entire race course, collecting signs and tape plus encouraging those feeling the strain on their bodies aftrer long days on the bike. Below is a picture including myself of the team who make the race work for all the racers, including catering team, drivers, timing team, sign posters etc.

A very special race to be a part of. If you want to know more or race or go on one of the guided weeks then contact Ash or Melissa via their website, or any more info I can give you then just get in touch.


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I am the owner of the business West Coast Biking. A company providing tailor-made cycling trips on the west coast of Scotland.

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