Skimo Scotland

What is Skimo? skimoscot

Skimo Scotland is ski mountaineering racing in Scotland.

What is Ski Mountaineering?

Ski touring and ski mountaineering are terms used to describe essentially the same activity – travelling through snow covered terrain, using skis to go both uphill and downhill. Ski mountaineering emphasizes getting to the tops of mountains along the way, and ski touring emphasizes the journey, but there is considerable overlap, and the terms may be used interchangeably.

In order to travel uphill on skis, alpine ski-tourers use “skins”, which are stuck to the bottom of the ski – these allow the ski to glide uphill, but not slip back down. At the top of the hill, the skins can be removed, and the slope skied downhill in a similar way to a piste skier in a ski resort.

Your all now know what Skimo is! I have competed in 2 races this season, with 3 more planned. I can’t emphasise how excited I am about these events due to the sport itself, the people organising and marshalling and the other racers.

I have a huge love for skiing and to bring together, racing, skiing, adventures and a big work out is awesome fun! I have been to the Lecht and Glenshee with a win at the first then a kick to train harder after the second as the British team showed up and showed us how it was really done!


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I am the owner of the business West Coast Biking. A company providing tailor-made cycling trips on the west coast of Scotland.

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